We offer superior expertise as well as
sophisticated operational perspective


To successfully execute any transaction, one must often concurrently address a range of complicated issues, especially in multi-jurisdictional projects. Success and seamless implementation and/or operational efficiency require locally knowledgeable and globally sophisticated professional personnel like we have here at Maplerite Logistics.

The world sees one North America. We see so much more because we are equipped with clearer eyes. In these complex regions, no two countries are the same. Every country has a distinct culture, economy and a unique way of engagement. We deeply understand these disparities because we are motivated to master the dynamics of each local market and community.

This is by no means the full list as we will consider most projects under this program once you fill out an application form one of our representatives will contact you. Submit your request to us and let us tell you what program we have that will get your project funded quickly within your guidelines of what you are requesting.

What We Offer

Basic Documentation Required For Most Projects

Completed Application Form
Executive Summary of the project
BIO's on all the principals
5 year financial projections
Feasibility study
POF or Proof of funds