The projects listed below are by no means the full list as we will consider most projects under our programs once you fill out an application form. Submit your request to us and let us tell you what program we have that will get your project funded quickly within your guidelines of what you are requesting.



The Maplerite logistics International finance is focused on providing competitive hospitality and Hotel financing to hoteliers through its strong network of correspondent lenders, globally. Maplerite offers high leverage loans through our financial industry relationships, and more conventional financing options through our life insurance relationships. Since its inception, Maplerite has financed over $1 billion in hotel assets throughout the globe through our network of lenders. We provide hotel financing to owners and developers for limited, select, and full service hotels for every major chain, in addition to boutique and independent hotels. Maplerite has long-lasting lending relationships with its network of correspondent hotel lenders that is comprised of life insurance companies, banks, agencies and conduits. Our hotel lenders provide Maplerite with limitless capital sources and enable us to provide our clients with a broad range of highly competitive hospitality financing options and loan products.

Our Hotel Financing Options

Maplerite provides a variety of options to finance your hospitality and hotel project. From construction and permanent loans to mezzanine financing and more, we’ll do everything we can to help you find the right loan product for your project.


Maplerite financing options provides commercial real estate funds for office building and in most primary and secondary market location. We provide commercial property loans for the acquisition or refinancing of office building complexes globally. Our commercial property team provides borrowers with fast flexible financing options with low interest rates and flexible financing features. We offer stated income, and full document program options to borrowers depending on their individual requirements and needs.


We assist qualified, major hotel and resort developers anywhere in the world requiring between $10 and $300 million + with: Financing or Re-financing, Mezzanine debt, Equity financing, Senior Loans and Construction loans.


Highway infrastructure financing is included in the service category we supports and provide to our customers. Road projects facilitate the movement of goods and people for economic development. The projects are said to be a huge support of sustaining the economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for Countries.


Clean energy innovation typically takes the shape of technological breakthroughs, such as high-efficiency solar photovoltaic cells designed to absorb a broader range of the solar spectrum, which — at least theoretically — should enable arrays to convert more incoming sunlight into electricity. But no amount of technology progress alone can make much of an impact without the proper financial tools to drive meaningful volumes of solar, wind and other forms of clean energy in the marketplace. Maplerite helps with most viable Solar power project get started through our innovative financing options.


With five solid years of installed capacity growth coupled with steady cost reductions, it’s no surprise that renewable energy finance experts globally agree that large-scale wind and solar projects will receive the biggest portion of renewable energy dollars in 2014 and upwards. Utility scale solar, mainly photovoltaic solar, and utility-scale wind will continue to be active in their growth in particular outside of the U.S. In 2014 and upwards, solar and wind will remain the mainstay of renewable energy investments because of sustained cost reductions for plant construction using these technologies. Maplerite logistics international financing is poised to help our customers take advantage of this industry.​


The successful financing of an ethanol or biodiesel project requires a substantial amount of capital. The cost of constructing a biofuels plant that produces 50 million gallons per year can easily exceed $80 million. The sources for financing for such a project broadly fall into two categories: equity and debt. Equity financing obtained from investors is generally more expensive for project sponsors than traditional debt financing obtained from lenders because of the resulting dilution that occurs. Most project developers will have to obtain some sort of equity financing to bring their project to fruition. Equity financing is becoming more and more available for biofuels projects, which is illustrated by the recent increase in private equity, investment and hedge funds set up to develop renewable-energy projects. The main concern of an investor providing equity financing for a biofuels project is the expected future earnings of the project and the stability of these earnings in the long run, as evidenced, for example, by the typical investor’s concern with the quality of off-take agreements.​


Commercial ship financing is a method of raising funds whereby risks are mitigated by the registration of various forms of collateral, and charter fees serve as the principal source of repayment. Maplerite uses its wealth of experience and proven track record in this area to help customers obtain long–term funding to use in purchasing vessels (both newly built and used).​