We strive to create a real value proposition for our
partners and shareholders

By applying a systematic approach, we help assess the full range of private and public options for funding infrastructure assets. Our proprietary models enable us to identify risk, recommend on pricing, and assess risk mitigation approaches and their implications on financing strategy. Finally, by leveraging Maplerite Finance’s vast network, we can facilitate connections to alternative sources of capital for our clients’ infrastructure projects.

Due Diligence & Transactions

In collaboration with our Corporate Finance practice department, we identify and assess investment opportunities that are consistent with our broader strategic objectives. We are able to understand the potential for value creation, including opportunities to improve an asset’s cost position, operating performance, capital project execution, regulatory management and opportunities for revenue growth. To support the formation of strong joint ventures, consortiums, and special purpose entities, we review the structure, negotiations, and implementation.

To ensure the long-term success of an investment, we assist our partners in identifying, analyzing, and managing project risk. By using the Maplerite Finance Investment Readiness Assessment (IRAT) tool, we can rapidly analyze the risk any project faces throughout its capital project plan.

Performance Transformation

By applying design-to-value, or DTV, strategic sourcing, general and administrative benchmarking, lean operations and maintenance practices, and capital project optimization, we help each project improve the operations and overall economics of our investment. We support projects in restructuring and righting delayed and costly capital projects. Our knowledge of key functional topics, such as procurement, supply chain management, risk, and regulation, helps us advice on specialty areas and subcontractor negotiations.

Public-Private Partnerships

We serve both private and public entities on PPP financing, origination, development, operations, and stakeholder and regulatory management. We support private investors in the following activities: analyzing the value of infrastructure opportunities and PPPs, structuring and securing economically-sound bids, effectively and efficiently operating assets to generate value, and managing stakeholders and regulators to bolster long-term collaborative relationships.

To ensure PPP projects also deliver economic and social benefits to the public, we draw on extensive client service in the public sector and our understanding of the challenges facing strained government agencies. We assist public entities in framing the case for PPP participation, developing the economic model and risk transfer solution for PPPs, managing PPPs and their various stakeholders, designing and staffing government units to review and manage PPPs, and optimizing the PPP process. Whether serving the public or private sector, we work closely with our partners to build their skills to evaluate and manage PPPs.

Value Creation by Blending Growth & Value

Growth stories naturally plays a big role in majority of our investment thesis. Among these we specifically focus on situations with extraordinary value with asymmetric risk/reward characteristics.