Maplerite Logistics International Finance is an
Infrastructure Investment Group

An innovative investment company with a fresh new approach to both traditional and emerging markets. The company has created a diversified portfolio which presents the optimal balance between the current return on investment and future growth.

Our Focus

Maplerite Focuses on Three Main Investment Areas:

Infrastructure Funding & Investment
Technology & Health
Agriculture & Human Capital

Led by a strong management and board-of-directors team, Maplerite Logistics is poised for rapid growth. The team’s unique combined 127 years of experience and insight allows the company to discover new opportunities and reveal their true potential.


Maplerite Logistics is a global company with offices through it's sister company in the British Virgin Island, Trinidad and Tobago, Austria, Canada, United States and Nigeria. We have a world class Consortium of Partners and Strategic Visionaries focusing on the Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Maplerite also involves in Africa through partnership with it's sister company. Africa’s growing importance is also reflected in the massive efforts by the U.S., EU, China, Russia, India, some Middle Eastern nations and other countries to gain access to the vast mineral resources with which she is abundantly endowed.
In these two regions, we concentrate in: strategic communications with various governments, media relations, trade and infrastructural investment management, government relations, public affairs. We are a formidable proponent for our partners in these regions because we are able to deploy personnel who are either indigenes of or specialists in the countries about which we partner. We practice the highest standards of ethical behavior in all our lines of endeavor. We maintain a wide network of affiliations with organizations and individuals at both local and national levels throughout Sub-Sharan Africa and the Caribbean, which fosters our ability to provide our services with the utmost cultural fluency and sensitivity.
With nearly 1 billion inhabitants who have urgent needs for education, environmental protection, clean water, clothing, financial services, modernized agriculture, demand for maximum food production and food security, improved healthcare services, critical energy sufficiency, low cost housing, state of the art telecommunications, effective transportation, demand for tourism development, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean has in recent times been dubbed the new land of opportunities.
We have successfully created a niche in partnering with global businesses with high profile executives, government officials and individuals across Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean governments, businesses and industries in this unique region where who you know always matters more than what you know. In a rapidly changing world, we realize that a commitment to strong partnering relationships remains a crucial element of conducting business. It is this spark that helps us burn brighter than our competition. Finally, our cultural competency is a powerful tool that enables us to accomplish effective customized solutions, sustainable improvements and measurable ROI for our partners.

Investment Approach

At Maplerite Logistics, we strive to create a real value proposition for our partners and shareholders. Our investment strategy is a reflection of our values and course of action.




We have created a diversified portfolio that combines income-generating and growth opportunities. By striking the right balance, we ensure short-term success and future development.




Our investment strategy focuses on emerging markets and prospects in Africa, South America and Caribbean Islands only. We believe that Africa and the other emerging markets are the next frontier. This approach is the foundation of our exceptional capacity for long term growth.




Each individual investment has a strong value-proposition, creating a powerful portfolio. With experience and insight, we seek to reveal the true value of each unique investment opportunities.




Maplerite Logistics is affiliated with major consulting and marketing research firms, in Canada, U.S. and Sub Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. Our services focus on formulating competitive business and market strategies that empower our partner countries to identify and pursue sustainable investment opportunities. We draw upon leading experts on marketing and global strategy to meet the needs of our partners.

Think globally but focus on Africa: Maplerite Logistics’ investment portfolio focuses on these different areas: Infrastructural funding and investment, Technology, Agriculture and human capital. Our strategy for effectively executing on each of these areas, based on our global knowledge and experiences, is to invest in the right people and companies. We understand African culture having been born there and our drive to see some type of upward mobility for our people drives everything we do. We identify and establish long term partnerships with top-tier managers, analysts and local firms in the areas we operate. This approach gives us a unique and deep insight into each market niche and the needs of the people.
Our mastery of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean’s business culture, complex laws, elusive government policies, unpredictable socio-political climate and economic trends is real. We understand this continent like the people who call it home because every member of our team, it is home in every sense of the word.
Aided by the proven research and globalization, sustainable development and market growth are occurring across Sub-Saharan Africa. We guide clients through a process that integrates our unique synthesis of planning tools and strategic concepts to ensure that our partners realizes its true potential in the Sub-Saharan Africa.
We guide our clients in penetrating and competing effectively in the Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean, to comply with the law, manage risk, protect the company’s assets and adhere to admirable values. Our goal is to support and nurture our clients’ aspirations by providing them with strategic initiatives, innovative solutions, deep insight and unmatched results.
Our belief is that corporate identities do not emerge from nature – people create them. We are ideally positioned to open up niche markets for our clients in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. We focus on helping entrepreneurs succeed and aiding established firms to achieve unfettered prosperity. We have set an enviable standard for ourselves and we are continually revamping our processes. We help viable ideas happen – matching the vision of businesses with our own, because we believe that it takes vision to see vision. Together, we can turn your novel ideas into big business in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean.
Core competence and affiliate group industry experience includes internet services, healthcare innovations, pharmaceuticals, oil industry support services, medical equipment, telecommunications and telecoms, software, industrial and engineered products, transportation, financial services and real estate.
Along with an approach that promotes systematic analysis, we employ the strategic approach of “Customized Solutions” formal marketing plans. If you show us your vision, we will magnify it.